Human Capacity

The voice is the most direct pathway from the heart – the thinnest technical barrier. The amazing thing is that you can imagine any note you like – and intuitively produce that – with any possible emotion that you feel. Humans didn’t learn singing for evolutionary advantage, but for pleasure and beauty. If birds are the same way, how much more colorful is human emotion! The unfathomable depths of human despair and the soaring heights of joy and hope are what set us apart. We humans have two great capacities – love and learning – and the arts embody both.


First published on Tumblr (Moral Imagination,


2 thoughts on “Human Capacity

  1. Vanessa says:

    Wonderful. Just today a Japanese student of mine, a violinist, explained how she has difficulty expressing herself in English, how frustrating that is, but she can freely express everything in music. She explained so much to me, in English, about music, she didn’t realize how articulate she was.


    • sunrequiem says:

      Yes, that’s what I find with music. It’s such a universal language because there are no barriers. But with words, we are more limited with what we can express, especially when our feelings exceed the idea.


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