Thank you, Professor Tolkien

I stepped into Middle-earth last August, and my heart has never left since.


Throughout senior year, I have been discovering more and more about the remarkable man behind it all. I immersed myself in his other works, including “The Silmarillion”, his translation of “Beowulf”, “The Children of Hurin”, and his letters, poems, and lectures. Despite previously believing foreign language to be a hopeless cause for me (i.e. Spanish), I began learning Tolkien’s invented Elvish languages. I became interested in history and myth for the first time, having never properly appreciated the subject before.

Never has a single author encouraged me to mature in more ways than J.R.R. Tolkien. Through sheer fascination, he undid all my self-imposed limits and made my soul sing amid dreary routines and ordinary happenings.

Tolkien opened up worlds and paths that I had never thought to take, and made me aspire to become as innocent as doves and wise as serpents – to have a childish heart, but a mature mind.


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