Slam Poem: Eight Hours of Traveling

I think that this was the second slam piece I had ever written, from my second year of high school, and in this piece I mainly played around with the big, vague idea of “life” by exploring sounds of words (spoken word is meant to be read aloud, after all) and blather on about nothing of too great of import. I began drafting this in my head during a very long road trip home from Inner Mongolia. These are the words as I had transcribed them originally, and I guess it shows that I have come a long way. Enjoy!

I have a proposition.
I have an oration, a dissertation,
addressing our generation.
All the world’s a stage,
And all the men and women
merely players.
Was Shakespeare right in saying
that our destiny, serendipity, our agony, blasphemy, and
brevity is guaranteed, warranteed,
My friends, forgive my relapse
back into ILA, but teachers, I
tolerate your dictation, your
accentuation, of knowledge onto
my generation.
For we are the Creation
of experiences that give us
configuration, determination,
and our denomination.
My friends, are we the creation
of God’s imagination,
or are we the imagination of
His creation?
I don’t know.
That’s left up to philosophy,
theology, and biology to determine.
And what else do we need to know?
That’s why we invented astrology, psychology,
meteorology, mythology,
ecology, archaeology, an economy,
geology, neurology, dermatology,
wow that took a lot out of me.
But we still don’t know the ultimate
question: Why are we here?
More importantly, why are you
here? Why am I, why are you,
why is this stage, why is the world
I don’t know.
But what I do know, apparently, is
that my mother’s womb made
space for two cells that became me.
Then a square of hospital bed made space for me, and
that’s how I know I came to be.
I feel like a mountain, really.
There was a flat plane of land,
Where there was nothing.
Suddenly, there was something.
Something, I tell you, had come to be.
There was nothing, then there was
There was nothing, then there was me.
Oh, for can you imagine that rugged
mountain peak, slashing, elbowing
away those molecules in the air,
to make way for its existence?
There was nothing, then there was
the world.
The world made way for you
There was nothing, then there was us.
There was nothing, then there was you.
Rise, you mountains, and rejoice
in your existence.
For the world made room for you.
Arise, you generation, for we are
the ones who will lift that
mountain range on our shoulders,
and carry it to infinite and beyond.
You see, children. (Toy Story.)
The world made way for you, your
childhood, and everything that created
But what have we got back to give?
Arise, and shine! You potential
energies –
And give to the world what you
can give.
As every particle has as much right to
exist as the next
But you, surely you can become
more than a cluster of atoms:
We are more than mountains,
We are life!
I wish I had superior articulation for
expressing my gratification upon your
application on my mumbling presentation
And I would like to adjourn with this approaching affirmation:
Give more than you can take,
for giving is living,
Then the world will be more than a

Gloria Sun 2014.


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