Time for Brain Myelination (Or, Why Learn)

If only one could transcend physical limits! I’m the one who must live inside my own body, but from where do I end and begin? Is my skin and senses my boundary or my membrane from which to gather and spread my presence through? These parts of myself that I find in places and people I love, are they not my imprints that do not take away my essence? A soul leaving behind memory does not take away its vitality any more than a footprint takes away from a foot in its creation. And therefore, the spirit does not tire, only its container. This is what I lament, the tragedy of life. Us, eternal creatures, trapped in mortal prisons of flesh and time.

But I have learned that we must make the most out of what we have. We exist in time, therefore we might as well use it. Knowledge I think is a worthy pursuit. Trading time for brain myelination.

So early on I realized I loved science, music, and literature, in no preferential order. Science shows us what little we know and the limits of the universe, and the arts allow us to exceed them. I understand that’s a very sweeping reason for my appeal, but life should be an uncontainable adventure.


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