Original Poem: My Revelation

Here’s one I had written from experience nearly three years ago now. I unearthed this recently and was reminded of how the younger version of myself experienced God, “surprised by joy”, as C.S. Lewis would have put it.

Oh! How I soared
From that sudden energetic burst
The earth was far below
And I had caught a whisp of His visage
Too pure for humans to know
Yet I knew He was beside me
To reveal a fragment of wisdom
Bequeathed to me, I was touched so.
Was I naïve before?
Now I believe myself to be.
A wall in front, braced for the worst
He cleared off the rubble and lifted
A lost soul away from the dead end
Of a maze – How do I thank?
I have nothing to give
Nothing but my soul, which you had given
And now, I give back in return.
No, no vision had appeared;
No hallucination but a sixth sense
That a greater One had turned a listening ear
To a distraught life-being
And held my hand, whispered in my ear
In another dimension far away
But yet felt so near.
Tears sprang to my eyes
Too awesome of a miracle to comprehend!
For I am a simple being,
I know nothing, I still know nothing
But that I know naught a thing.
This encounter was no coincidence
How could it be? It couldn’t-
Just the night before I was waiting for a change,
And it came.
Blessed, blessed am I!
How have I found favor in God’s eyes?
My joy and surprise- and elation
Are too much for words to tell
It only came once, but will be remembered forever
How uplifting, my revelation!

Gloria Sun – August 21, 2013


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