The Four Strategies for Conservation

Ever wonder what the action of conserving actually entails? Here are the four main methods people do to conserve our environment. They are all pretty straightforward, but I think it’s important to know the distinctions so that we can all be better educated citizens of the world.



This means to keep part of the environment without change through national parks, fences, and other forms of protection.


It’s exactly what it sounds like – making new habitats by planting forests, making ponds, etc.


This strategy means restoring damaged habitats before it becomes too late.


Especially at a local level, awareness of the necessity and importance of conservation can be extremely effective. Collaboration and communication with the locals is almost necessary to conserve, create, or reclaim an ecosystem, because the locals are the people who interact with it every day. It’s also good to educate on the global scale in order to improve the global impact, but locally, we educate the locals.


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