Repeat after me: “I am more than a number.”

For many former and current high-schoolers, this week has been a highly anticipated revealing, a moment of truth. There have been disappointments, there have been surprises, and there have been satisfied and gloomy ejaculations of these words: “I knew it!”

But at this point, the numbers don’t really matter anymore. It’s all behind us – the work is done, and can’t be changed – rather, test scores are merely a proof of what we have achieved. Some people may feel a profound sense of disillusionment when they see all their toil for the past year (or two) compressed into a handful of cold, precise numbers.

I don’t know about you, but I’m tired of numbers and acronyms. We sound like machines when our sole purpose, not only academically, but intellectually, is to achieve a number deemed beautiful by society. On a scale, the lower the better. On a test, the higher the better. On social media, the more likes the better. I feel sick of feeding the ego like this. Numbers don’t lie, they say, but also, you must know this: you are more than a number.

Repeat after me: I am more than a number.

After all, even the best books are made up of recycled words and a finite number of pages. Look not to the fact that you have written so many words in this chapter of your life, but rather that you have made them meaningful.


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