What It’s Like Being A Hipster (sometimes)

If I say that I’m a hipster, that means I’m not a hipster, right?

Okay, so I’m not really a hipster, but sometimes I can point to a cultural phenomenon and say, I was into that before it got cool. Without further ado, here’s a list of the things in life I innocently enjoyed before looking around and realizing that the world had joined me in my revels.

Feel free to laugh at this post. I’m not being 100% serious in this one!


Warning: Geek ahead!

Harry Potter, Star Wars, Hunger Games

After finishing the Harry Potter series in second and third grade, I patiently began waiting for the last installment, which would come out in about three years. Then all of a sudden, all my classmates and buddies began reading the series and re-enacting everything! Whoa. So now my private fantasy has become this public game? I feel…intruded upon. (There were also some less popular series I read during this time that aren’t worth mentioning here.)

Basically for Star Wars, I decided to try out this geeky little fandom towards the end of elementary school. None of my friends had watched it, and I was crushing so hard on Obi-Wan Kenobi and Han Solo. I thought Leia’s hair was as silly as Jar-Jar, I wanted a blue lightsaber, and I had mixed emotions over Anakin. I was that weird kid who was always forcing my friends to become R2-D2s and dark lords and Jedi warriors. I still don’t really know how to feel about the new trilogy, but at least it’s getting a lot more people to watch the old movies!


I’m also not very proud to say that I read The Hunger Games before it got popular (also some John Green books, but there’s not much to say there). So I was really surprised when it soon received such a large fan base and got a very hyped-up film treatment. (I’ve always wondered how Katniss was always able to remember every word of all her conversations though, that part is impressive to me.)


This one’s just a relative thing to my age: Why do you have to practice every day? Why do you have this machine that says 1,2,3,4? By third and fourth grade though, everybody was playing some kind of instrument.

Rock Collecting

I collected rocks up until eighth grade (when I got first place in the relevant event in Science Olympiad), then I left my collection behind when I moved to China. It’s still not a thing, which is disappointing.


Yes, I got a Facebook in elementary school, but there was nothing to do on there until everyone else got on in middle school. Sometimes being hipster is boring.



What’s a fifth grader doing with a knitting basket? I think she’s trying to age more quickly than everyone else.

(I gave crocheting a go and that witchcraft just confuses me. How do you make a flat plane out of a single stick? Mind=blown.)


In middle school my go-to films were the four Christopher Reeve Superman films (the first one will always be the best), all the old Batman movies, Spider-Man with Tobey Maguire, and all the old cartoon shows. I subscribed to comics (remember when we still had those?) and got reeeally excited when all the movie people decided to start making superhero movies years later. So now we have movies like the Green Lantern, The Dark Knight Trilogy, Superman Returns, X-Men, Fantastic Four, Captain America, Iron Man, The Amazing Spider-Man, etc. etc. And it’s still going on now. Batman vs. Superman and Civil War came out this year. I’ve been watching Arrow and The Flash. I’m still in geek paradise, as long as this stuff keeps on churning out of the cinemas.

I still have a picture of Christopher Reeve hanging in my room (not this one). He’s a hero in real life too.



Yes, so I was vegetarian for over a year and it made me feel good (I stopped when I moved to China because this diet became difficult then. I still prefer vegetables). This was still middle school, when I read a lot of health stuff and I liked to lift weights and go running after school and be healthy. Now I hate running. That’s why I’m a swimmer.



Sigh. I’m sad about this one. I think Hamilton had just moved onto Broadway and I had listened to one of the songs from the brand-new Original Cast Recording – Jonathan Groff singing “You’ll Be Back” – and I tried – very hard – to find the rest of the album, and abandoned the search. If I mentioned a musical about Alexander Hamilton to anyone back then, people would look at me funny. It’s not easy being hipster. Things are hard to find. A year or so later, I see Hamilton everywhere on social media and I’m like ,”I Know Him”! (and then I was able to properly fangirl)



So I’m not an iPhone user anymore. HuaWei electronics are gonna be the new thing! I use an Honor V8 and it has the dual lens technology, is way faster than my 4S, and is so elegant looking.


That said, there are many, many things that I enjoy but cannot call myself hipster of. Sometimes I think that I am just another cliche, ordinary person. I never found Tolkien until senior year, I jumped into Instagram and Snapchat late, I hate baking (but I love eating. Not the same thing), and I love Broadway musicals (Rent, Cats, Phantom, Wicked, etc.). Well, I never had to create the bandwagon for those things, I just jumped on.