How the Sun Family Does Movie Night

After dinner, Friday night, while dishes are still being put away, the Sun family kids often are inclined to gather around the television for a civilized pow-wow. On our 10moons movie-streaming box-device, we scroll through pages and pages of movies with a slight worry that a decent picture will never be found and that we will all be sent to bed early. Here’s why.


Boys vs. girls. Romantics vs. literalists. PG vs. PG-13. Action vs. comedy. Rarely are all five of us satisfied with the final choice, or at least, not until we become engrossed in the plot. There can be frustration, boredom, guilt, and/or despair in this selection process. That’s because there are some of us who are more stubborn than the rest and who hold our ground like trees. But majority consensus overrules (usually), and the dissenters are left to brood. That’s happened to each of us before. But life has to go on. Sometimes to come to a consensus, I need to negotiate and compromise, which comes with the territory of being the eldest of them all.

One time over winter break, we casually agreed to watch Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl. The boys gave up on it a few minutes in, but Joyce and I finished it, along with the rest of the series (over the course of several days, of course). Surprisingly and suddenly, we became die-hard fans of Captain Jack and his drunken swagger. Slowly, Albert and Eric’s curiosities were piqued and we watched it all again. Now the series is a family favorite, even a go-to when we can come to no other decision. Oliver participates actively in our viewing. During a fight scene, he mimes, quite realistically, that he is bearing a weapon and subsequently shot down. We do not blankly stare at a colorful screen, we enjoy it together, as family.

And you know what? In the end, not many of us feel regret.


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