Original Poem: Sleep is a Place

Sleep is a place
And in it a world as real
As reality

The journey to Sleep
Is a short one
Simply crossing a doorway
With a single step

Is the inability to open
This portal to sleep
Rushes and invites
You in

Coming back through
Is abrupt or reluctant
A noise concerns you
And through the door you rush
Or you may hear it
But choose to neglect this nuisance
For what is able to draw you
From the icy depths of sleep
If the soul is unwilling?
And when you
Have wandered further
Into Sleep’s realms
What disturbance will
Remind you to return?

But Sleep is not Death
For a bed becomes not deathbed
When the spirit refuses to cross
Once again the portal
To Outside the dream in a dream

Death seals the door
And the world within becomes
A prison
From which there is no escape.

Gloria Sun


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