7 Reasons Why I Became a ‘Teen Wolf’ Fan in Less Than a Week

I always thought I was somewhat literate, so becoming semi-addicted to a show geared for an audience of teenage girls always seemed like it would be a downgrade for me. Not anymore.

No spoilers in this post.

Now, a few words concerning my TV life: the only shows I have ever watched to completion are Sherlock (all 9 episodes!) and Tom and Jerry, from my childhood. I absolutely hate committing to shows because watching too many episodes gives me existential crises – I’ve attempted Pretty Little Liars, 21 Jump Street, and Buffy the Vampire Slayer, but I feel anxious watching them because I see other people going on with their lives while I just sit there watching them go on with their lives, and I am someone who needs to create, not observe. I’ve watched good portions of Game of Thrones (after reading the book), Arrow, and The Flash, although I’m caught up on none, and I need long breaks between binges.

So you could say that I’m very selective about which shows I decide to finish. Why Teen Wolf? I’m still wondering a bit about that myself, so I’m going to analyze my new fetish with the reasons below.

  1. They have a beautiful cast.


This show gives me undeniable proof that I am a straight, guy-seeking female. That’s a no-brainer. Having gorgeous people to move the riveting plot along certainly helps make Teen Wolf so enjoyable.

Also, watching behind-the-scenes interactions among the cast members always makes me smile! They are almost as adorable as the cast from The Lord of the Rings.

2. But it’s also not like the plot is merely there to decorate good-looking people. The plot itself is complex.

So much can happen in forty minutes!


Literally me whenever watching TW. (PC: Joyce)

It’s much more complicated than, “Oh look, here’s some Hunters, and they want to kill the werewolves”. There is no clearly defined “enemy”, and as Allison’s dad puts it, “when the lines become blurred, sometimes you wonder which side you’re on.” Sometimes there can be up to four sides fighting at once, and I seriously applaud the script writers for the clarity they are able to achieve.

I promised there would be no spoilers, but they have an amazing plot! Enough said.

3. They have Tyler Hoechlin.


Every time I look at this man, I can literally feel my ovaries melting away. He plays Derek Hale, an alpha werewolf with a tragic backstory. Even though we joke about how he loses every fight he’s ever engaged in, and the fact that he can never find a shirt that fits in the shack that he calls a house, I’ve always been attracted to the dark, broody archetype (think: Heathcliff, Darcy, Aragorn). Especially if they have stubble. And a swoon-worthy physique.

4. Whoever wrote the script is a big nerd in many ways.

I can’t count how many times they reference Greek mythology, or Star Wars, or major works of literature. The first time I thought, okay, maybe they’re just trying to appear smart by showing off one little piece of knowledge, but it became quite clear that they knew what they were talking about in these passing references, even if the students communicate it in casual language.


Then I thought, oh that’s so obvious! Who else besides a big geek would be willing to write a script for an entire show concerning werewolves! The show is both literate and accessible, and even though it doesn’t quite stimulate me intellectually, it keeps me on the edge of my seat and never makes me bored.

5. The show smashes quite a few stereotypes.

One of the main characters, Lydia, is a complete genius behind her popular girl facade and it totally smashes the idea what smart girls can look like.

Kira is Asian and she is a total badass when she’s in fight mode. She’s not the Asian girl, she’s treated just like another person on the show, and I love that.

Allison the girl rescues Scott the boy from her dad the hunter. Not exactly a damsel in distress kind of situation.

Females can be alphas too. And killing/hurting others doesn’t make you a true alpha.

Danny is gay and nobody ever bothers him about it. In fact, everyone loves him! He’s confident, cute, and friendly, and it broke my heart when he got injured in the third season.

That’s a few off the top of my head I can think of.

6. I guess I have always loved the fantastic.

Living vicariously and acquiring superhuman strength and vision? Yes please!

L0030202 C. Lycosthenes, Prodigorum ac ostentorum chronicon...

Look, the first book I remember enjoying more than anything I had read in the past was Harry Potter. My favorite author now is Tolkien. One of my favorite musicals is The Phantom of the Opera. While there’s amazing fantasy and badly written fantasy, something about that genre has always appealed to me a lot. Perhaps this essay, On Fairy Stories, can help explain. Teen Wolf is definitely researched, informed fantasy, even though it’s not completely original since it’s based on mythology (from many cultures). Is it really such a bad thing to indulge in the supernatural?

7. It gives me something to talk about with my sister.

Joyce is probably the #1 reason why I started watching this show in the first place. She watched the entire thing in a week in sixth grade, and has bugged me about it ever since. I thought that it would just be a silly little vampire love-story about teenagers, but boy I was wrong! I’m just glad I didn’t watch it when she told me to, because it would have interfered with schoolwork. This is a great use of my summer time though.

We both want a Stiles. Not a Styles, not a style, but a Stiles. For now, she’s probably the closest thing I have to one.

Bye for now! Honestly, Teen Wolf is probably just a phase for me right now, but it’s a darn good ride so far.


2 thoughts on “7 Reasons Why I Became a ‘Teen Wolf’ Fan in Less Than a Week

  1. teaismyjam says:

    Lovely post! Now it makes me want to check out Teen wolf as well and I don’t have time for that! Why must you ruin my lifeee! melodramatic eyebrow wiggling.

    But seriously, you wrote this post so nicely. 💗😄


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