Counting My Blessings: One Month into Wellesley College

Has it really been a month? A whole month? How insane. (Excuse me, while I kiss the sky.) We arrived safely in Boston on August 23rd. After renting a car from Logan International Airport, we got to our hotel without further incident. The next day International Orientation began for new students: we attended welcome breakfast … Continue reading Counting My Blessings: One Month into Wellesley College

Science & The Bible: Transhumanists, Bioconservatives, and the Role of the Bible

Hello there! If you've been following along with my previous post in this category, you would have read about NOMA and the argument against "new atheism". This week we will be discussing the role of technology in human progress - whether we can preserve the concept of dignity, and how the bible factors into the debate … Continue reading Science & The Bible: Transhumanists, Bioconservatives, and the Role of the Bible

A look at “many-electron atoms”

Last time, when talking about quantum mechanics, we used Hydrogen as our prime example. That's because Schrödinger's equation for H can be exactly solved, but that's not so for the other elements on the periodic table. Any atom that contains two or more electrons is called a many-electron atom. This excludes H, He+, Li2+, etc. … Continue reading A look at “many-electron atoms”

“Je suis…” A Note on Identity

This semester I took a leap and started a brand new language. Français. I already know how to exchange greetings, talk about going to class, and I know how to express the different genres of books and movies. Today I said in class, "Je suis chinoise et americaine." Why is this a big deal (for … Continue reading “Je suis…” A Note on Identity

Intro to Quantum Mechanics

Hello hello! I'm a first-year at Wellesley College, an all-women's liberal arts college in Massachusetts. I'm teaching a series of crash courses on Chemistry - you can find the page here. Without further ado, let's dive into the world of quantum mechanics - no previous experience necessary, but it gets intense, so follow along! (Bear … Continue reading Intro to Quantum Mechanics

Science & The Bible: NOMA vs. The New Atheism

Hello everyone! I'm a first-year at Wellesley College, a liberal arts college in a small town near Boston, and I will be keeping a commentary on the material that we are going through in my seminar class. The course is titled "Science and the Bible", and it is taught by Professor Ed Silver from the religion … Continue reading Science & The Bible: NOMA vs. The New Atheism

Intro to Nuclear Chemistry

Hey there. I'm assuming you know a little bit about what atoms, molecules, and ions are, and you might know a bit of stoichiometry and the types of chemical reactions that happen in our crazy big/little world, and you're probably reading this because either you (a) are taking a course covering this topic, (b) you … Continue reading Intro to Nuclear Chemistry

Thoughts on Turning 18

Today is special because it is a celebration of growing up. It’s a day of thankfulness and gratitude, to my parents, to life, and to knowledge. Today I am publishing this because I have spent eighteen years in the universe that we call existence. Sometimes I look around and wonder, what sort of world is this that my parents … Continue reading Thoughts on Turning 18