Counting My Blessings: One Month into Wellesley College

Has it really been a month? A whole month?

How insane. (Excuse me, while I kiss the sky.)


We arrived safely in Boston on August 23rd. After renting a car from Logan International Airport, we got to our hotel without further incident.

The next day International Orientation began for new students: we attended welcome breakfast where I saw some friends from China and got the keys to my dorm, where we peeked around before we left campus to open my bank account, switch our T mobile cards, and shop for my new dorm.

The next day my mom and I went on a day trip to Great Neck, New York, where we visited my aunt, uncle, and my two cousins: Esther and Kalli. They introduced me to their video games (Super Bros Smash?) and Netflix (I now share an account with them…uh-oh), and we had a nice lunch at a mall.

The next day I moved in. I checked in, went to the health clinic, got my OneCard, and most importantly, I met my roommate – we chose sides, started unpacking, met our neighbors. Later that evening, we had our mentor group meeting, where I met host of bright young faces who I would get to know over the next few days.

Over the next few days, we had academic fairs, information sessions, bonding sessions, placement tests, and course registration.

I was placed in Chinese 103. After a brief and spontaneous discussion with my mom, we decided that it would be wasteful to spend my time on a language of which I had lived in its home country for four years.

I got every single course that I wanted. Things were going so smoothly for me. REL 114: Science and the Bible, CHEM 120: Intensive Intro, MATH 205: Multivariable Calculus, FREN 101.

Following the day of convocation, we had our first day of classes. That evening, I met the students in CRU and ABSK – Christian groups on campus.

Over the weekend I left with a group of new friends and spent a day in Boston. I got myself a pair of earrings, and we just walked and talked.

The following Monday, I went to MIT and spent an afternoon by myself there because I was craving solitude. That evening, I was introduced into the Symphony church family, which I now consider a secondary family here.

On Tuesday I had my first violin lesson with Gabby. She’s wonderful. House Council meetings began.

I officially joined the Brandeis-Wellesley Orchestra and the Chamber Music Society. I interviewed a few times for other orgs that week, and made doorstops with my roommate.

I briefly joined the party scene over the weekend at Euphoria, and survived about ten minutes.

I went to Symphony Church and met an old choir mate from my Dulwich College Beijing days.

I started my archery class – so much fun! Our target adopted the nickname “The Three Hunters.”

I was officially voted in as our HOCO Fire Chief.

I had breakfasts, lunches, and dinners with new friends. Over and over again, every day.

I met my “Big” on Flower Sunday.

I met my chamber trio – Lisa and Aviva – a flute and harp 🙂

I joined Wellesley Debate Society – challenging and exciting Tuesday Thursday evenings coming up!

We sat on Severance Green and watched a screening of “Finding Dory”, where I cried my eyes out and forgot all about the snacks provided.

Had my first midterm, registered for voting, watched the first presidential debate, and so the story continues…

There really are no limits here, except for myself. I can’t wait for the rest of my life here to begin!


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