Courage, ‘Merrica

Has it really been less than 24 hours?

When Siddhartha tunes in to himself and his surroundings, he hears the word om, expressed in a multitude of depths and forms. Wisdom. Connection. Peace.

For me (and those of us here at Wellesley College – Clinton’s alma mater, fyi), that word was a resounding crap, in all its forms of expression. Panic. Anger. Surprise. Grief.

What have we done?

Today on campus, a truckful of Trump supporters came and harrassed Wellesley students, especially those of color. Please.

Apparently more people believe in hatred than love. How are we supposed to remain unified if hate draws lines and divides brother from brother, and sister from sister?

If America is to remain the United States, we’ve got to accept our new President. Hillary did so graciously earlier today.

It feels disgusting as I taste these words, but maybe Trump’s win would have less of a grand consequence on America than if he had lost. Think riots and bad things.

Meanwhile, there is always hope. Voting is just one action, one piece of the future. The results won’t change anymore. Now especially, we need to take action to create the America that we want.

Presidents come and go, but the country is ultimately ours.

So let’s live that way.


2 thoughts on “Courage, ‘Merrica

  1. Liz C. says:

    I got to watch part of Clinton’s speech about believing in America. I think she handled the situation really gracefully, and with dignity.

    My best friend is in the US, and she’s really fearful of what’s to come since there have been some protests. But I hope and pray that everything will turn out to be okay for you guys out there.

    Stay safe!

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