Alphabetical List of My Favorite Places to Waste Time

Many of the things I’ve been posting this semester have been quite heavy. It’s time to lighten up the content a little bit and write about one of our favorite things – procrastination.

When you open up a new tab, does your finger automatically hit a letter button and take you to your favorite time suck?

I think most of us can relate.

The fact that I can list one out for each letter of the alphabet is probably not a good sign. (This is partly jest, which doesn’t mean it’s not true.)

Time to confess!

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A. Amazon

Who doesn’t like making wishlists and browsing through all the things you can’t afford? Cough cough, no one.

Amazon: Wallet Ninja 18 in 1

B. Buzzfeed

Guilty as charged. I’m a closet Buzzfeed quiz addict.

Quiz: We Know How Long You’ll Keep Your New Years Resolution

C. Coursera

Sometimes my brain can get really greedy. When I first got an account I signed up for no less than 23 courses at once and immediately went into information overload.

Princeton: Buddhism and Modern Psychology

D. Google Drive

As a student, this space is where I spend all my time typing and crying.

Wikipedia: List of Google April Fools Jokes

E. Etsy

Hm, well this is one is more aspirational. One day when I have the time and skill it would be cute to open my own Etsy shop.

Etsy: Learn How to Sell

F. Facebook

Needs no explanation.

Facebook: Johnny Depp FanPage

G. Goodreads

One of my favorites. You can see what your friends are reading, join group discussions on your favorite books and authors, FOLLOW an author (if they’re still alive, that is), read other reviews, make to-read lists, keep track of what you’ve read, save your favorite quotes, and feel very erudite in general.

If that doesn’t make you interested, Emma Watson and Oprah have reading groups on there that you can join. And you can make recommendations to your friends!

Goodreads: @sunrequiem

H. Hotmail

So. Much. Junk. Mail. This place is more chore than pleasure.

I. Instagram

My other favorite. Coming onto this space has helped my photography so much. Following amazing photographers has never been easier. It’s amazing seeing what other people do and then getting feedback on your own feed.

Instagram: @sunrequiem

J. Joyce

Meet my sister. She’s not a website or an app because I can’t close the window when I want to. Yeah, she wastes most of my time.

K. KickAss Torrents

For the record, my torrenting days are over.

L. Library Genesis

This is how I save money. I’ve found more than half of my textbooks on here in the form of PDFs and EPUBs. I do most of my pleasure reading on downloads from Library Genesis as well. I would say this is the opposite of waste.

Library Genesis: On the Road

M. MetroLyrics

Where else would you go to look up song lyrics?

MetroLyrics: Alexander Hamilton

N. Netflix

This might be the most dangerous item on the list.

Netflix: Supernatural

O. ~

Olive Garden? University of Oregon? Office Max? Nah…None of the above.

P. Pinterest

Prime place for fangirling. And oogling at pretty things. Crafts. Art. Fashion. Typography. Funny things too.

Pinterest: @sunrequiem

Q. Quora

You should see the questions I ask on this place. When I go look back on them it’ll probably make my day.

Quora: @sunrequiem


This includes and I’m not such a skilled writer as I would like you to think.

Thesaurus: demagogue

S. Spotify

I probably drive my poor roommate insane by all the time I spend on this app. I drive myself insane too because of the ads (I’m not rich enough to go Premium). Let it be.

T. TaoBao

The Chinese version of Amazon. Where you can find wholesale goods dirt cheap.

TaoBao: LED Christmas Lights

U. Unsplashed

Pretty pictures!


More pretty pictures!


W. WordPress

No brainer. Although I don’t consider any time here “wasted”.

WordPress: Sun Requiem

X. ~

Try as hard as I may, I cannot think of a single website that starts with X. Sorry to disappoint, folks.

Y. YouTube

Except when I’m in China. Then I use YouKu.

Top 10 Funny Dog Videos

Z. ~

Caption this. Maybe I’m not so bad after all.

It’s good to laugh at yourself once in a while, folks!

Thanks for reading. Do you ardently beg to differ? Feel free to do your own spin on this and let me know about it!

Screen Shot 2016-07-29 at 12.02.51 PM


2 thoughts on “Alphabetical List of My Favorite Places to Waste Time

    • Gloria Sun (孙诗嘉) says:

      Interesting Jo! I think now especially with New Year’s on the horizon I wanted to take an account of where I spend my time and whether or not it’s worth it and if my habits need change. It’s good that you identified your two sites! It’s definitely a start 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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