90 Seconds of Truth — Unchanged

Last week, Bethel Church posted a message on their Instagram asking “Can a person leave homosexuality behind?” promoting their “Changed Movement” which shares stories of people who have “experienced freedom” from being LGBTQ+.

90 Seconds of Truth is our response. Kevin Garcia and Matthias Roberts joined forces and asked people on their social media channels to share 90-second stories of what their lives have been like since leaving toxic theology behind.

(My story is featured at 40:33, but I would recommend listening to the whole episode.)

Together, we can fight the resurgence of ex-gay theology. A theology that is responsible for the deaths of LGBTQ+ people all over the world. Join us and tell your story using the hashtag #90SecondsOfTruth

They had so many responses, including one from yours truly, that they broke things up into two episodes! Listen in again tomorrow on Kevin’s Podcast, A Tiny Revolution to hear more of these incredible stories!

Edit: Here is the link to 90 Seconds of Truth (Part 2).

5 thoughts on “90 Seconds of Truth — Unchanged

      • boammaaruri says:

        I wrote an essay on this if you are interested https://boammaaruri.blog/2017/09/04/why-do-christians-eat-shrimp-the-problem-of-picking-and-choosing-which-old-testament-laws-to-follow/

        In short I would say the following:
        1. Human sexuality has procreation as its essential natural end. Sex is the means through which our species reproduce and has as its end and purpose procreation. All of the male and female organs involved in the act of sex are formed to fulfill this purpose. Undoubtedly because humans are more than just animals; we are rational, social and psychological creatures therefore there is more to sex than just the biological component of procreation; just like sharing a meal with persons entails more than just eating to provide food and nutrients for the body.The biblical worldview presents the purpose of sex as being unitive and procreation and in fact roots marriage in this basic capacity.
        2. Homosexual acts frustrates the natural end of sexuality, which is contrary to the purpose of sexuality and therefore our nature. The fact that I have no desire for food, does not change the fact that for human beings food is essential for my body by providing nutrients. My lack of a desire for food would not mean that eating is not part of my human nature rather it would show my desires are not properly ordered towards their natural object. Similarly the fact that individuals have homosexual desires does not change the fact that sex has as its natural end procreation, it shows rather that the homosexual desire is disordered and not orientated towards its natural function and purpose. Even if individuals with homosexual desires were born that way, it would not demonstrate that sex is no longer directed towards procreation essentially anymore than a person born blind would not negate the fact that eyes have sight as their natural and proper end.

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