Dreams of July

God has been preparing me for my baptism in an unexpected series of ways. Two weeks prior to it, I had three consecutive nights of dreaming. As someone who can hardly remember a single dream from my own life, this is highly rare and unlikely. Less than two weeks prior, I accessed a profound anger … Continue reading Dreams of July



I've tapped into a huge reserve of anger regarding my past, and I can't help but to feel a bit scared. Not because it's unfamiliar, but because I recognize it as a part of me. A part of me which remains untamed, wild, uncontrollable. She wants to throw some tantrums, scream, punch a wall. To … Continue reading Sandra

Deeper: Excavating Brokenness

What have I made myself out to be? During my commute this weekend, it hit me. I'm not satisfied. I have never been truly satisfied. Because I have an extremely broken sense of self. My earliest memories consist of falling when I expected a pair of arms to catch me, and hiding myself under a blanket. … Continue reading Deeper: Excavating Brokenness

Depicting a Process: “The Maker, The Making, The Made”

Artist Statement Personally, themes of my previous year have been centered around hurt, hope, and healing. In addition to this, I discovered that I have a highly creative nature, specifically one which demands expression in space. As a person of faith, I see this as a gift from God -- a small reflection of the … Continue reading Depicting a Process: “The Maker, The Making, The Made”