The Promise Inaugural Award Goes to Chris Cornell

Five days ago, Chris Cornell was posthumously awarded the inaugural 'The Promise' award by the Los Angeles Committee of Human Rights Watch. The Promise award recognizes "an outstanding song, television show, or film that advances the values of equity and justice in an original and powerful way." Chris Cornell was recognized for his song, "The … Continue reading The Promise Inaugural Award Goes to Chris Cornell


Put a bit of fixin’ on it!

Where to even start? The last time I wrote, I wasn't able to silence the thoughts that were telling me to die. I have never wanted that for myself. I have a "rage against the dying of the light" mentality that drives me to seek and create value till my dying breath, which keeps me … Continue reading Put a bit of fixin’ on it!

Have A Day.

October 16 I'm almost entirely right brained now, and I'm losing my capacity for language. Like in the split brain studies. Objectively speaking, I'm also at a higher risk of becoming suicidal than ever. Today, two professors called me "Grace" by accident. That doesn't seem like an accident. It's almost universal that I'm mistaken for … Continue reading Have A Day.

Sleepless eyes, close the light.

I knew these things to be true. That God would never give me more than I could bear. That I am being put through (hell)fire so that I can emerge a sharper tool for His marvelous purposes. That Satan has no power or stake over my body, my words, or our relationship. That God understands me more so than myself, from even before my physical body was formed. And that praising Him for a thousand years would never do justice to His worthiness.

I know, it’s been comin’.

September 24 A productive week finished, I left our college worship night with an earful of cliches concerning the Christian dilemma of being both needing to be disciplined by God while also being unconditionally loved by Him as His adopted child. I lay on my bed, teeth brushed and naked, and found no inclination to … Continue reading I know, it’s been comin’.

Song Feature: “Dancing In The Dark” – Bruce Springsteen

Although in this analysis here I focus mostly on the words (which have a lot to say despite being accessible), let it be known that I admire his outfit, dance, and overall energy. Check out that fancy ankle work, foot tapping, and crowd engagement. Who else could pull off those rolled up short sleeves over tight black jeans? There's nothing fake about this man.

Four Temperaments Scale & Initial Thoughts

Hey all! Since I'm a bit of the reflective type, I decided to take the Four Temperaments personality test today. Here are my results, and my thoughts on the system. My main temperament is Melancholic, followed by Sanguine, and then Phlegmatic, and finally Choleric. I've included the results below so you can get a better … Continue reading Four Temperaments Scale & Initial Thoughts

En francais?

Juin 2017 C'est peut-etre le temps a ecrire en francais. Je ne suis pas francaise du tout. J'avais etudie cette langue depuis septembre, l'annee derniere. Maintenant, je m'enseigne toute seule. C'est dommage, parce que je n'ai pas personne a parler cette ete. Mais, il y a beaucoup des films, des chansons, des livres. La semaine … Continue reading En francais?

MIMI: “I’m nineteen, but I’m old for my age…”

The only thing that surprises me is that I hadn't grappled with these facts about me sooner. If I could summarize my first semester at college, it would be this: I have anxiety. If I could summarize my second semester at college, it would be this: I have depression. I don't know how I would … Continue reading MIMI: “I’m nineteen, but I’m old for my age…”

My State as a “Writer”

For a writer, which most people are, the struggle is often not finding the right words to say, but choosing what to say itself. Once the idea takes seed, the words flow easily. Recently, my own source of inspiration has began to run dry and I have had little to say to the blank sheets. … Continue reading My State as a “Writer”