Photo by jesse orrico When people ask me whether I grew up in the church, my answer isn't so clear. Yes, and no. Because I've never been part of the in-group. The other kids would know each other, whereas I would be the one who would pop in for Sunday school or service for a stretch … Continue reading Al-Eizariya

Beyond Multivariable: An Abridged Memoir

Having finished my undergraduate degree, I’ve been reflecting on what it means to sit with uncertainty. Perhaps the following words will fill a chapter of a memoir I will write someday. [CW: anxiety, panic, depression, ED, queerphobia] Photo by Greg Rakozy Believe me, I know what it’s like to be overwhelmed by a lack of understanding. … Continue reading Beyond Multivariable: An Abridged Memoir

Coclé, Panama: A Global Medical Brigade Story

This trip was a long time coming. In early January 2018, I was all set to jet away on a brigade to Nicaragua -- then a blizzard hit the east coast and snowed me in. I took German 101 instead. Then I changed my major. And then I graduated. So, this is my last undergrad … Continue reading Coclé, Panama: A Global Medical Brigade Story

Growing Pains: Fire In My Bones

I did not expect to end my undergraduate career sleeping in my bed, with a belly full of growing pains. This is what outgrowing and moving on looks like: leaving Sodom in flames, without so much as a glance over my shoulder -- lest these old wineskins burst and ruin the new wine. Shaking the dust off my feet. When I was younger and still growing (height-wise), I would have leg aches. It made me want to stretch myself out, to kick something. My current body couldn't contain where I wanted to go, and it made me angry. Once again, my bones are groaning. Here I am, alive and kicking. I am out, restless and angry. Yet, what is this perfect peace that guards my heart?

21 Things I Did Before Realizing I was Queer (Celebrating 21)

A big 'thank you' to my mother, who has lovingly chosen these images for my post. Shortly after my twentieth birthday, I realized I was queer. If you haven't already, read my coming out post here! I remained myself, but God let the scales fall from my eyes so I could receive a language, a … Continue reading 21 Things I Did Before Realizing I was Queer (Celebrating 21)

90 Seconds of Truth — Unchanged

Last week, Bethel Church posted a message on their Instagram asking "Can a person leave homosexuality behind?" promoting their "Changed Movement" which shares stories of people who have "experienced freedom" from being LGBTQ+. 90 Seconds of Truth is our response. Kevin Garcia and Matthias Roberts joined forces and asked people on their social media channels … Continue reading 90 Seconds of Truth — Unchanged