Wintersession 2018: Float On Alright

Earlier this January, I was meant to go on a service trip to Nicaragua. I flew to Boston a few days early to get settled, rest a little, and pack. The day before departure, I learned that my flight was cancelled. Bummer, but no big deal. I knew about the blizzard that was about to … Continue reading Wintersession 2018: Float On Alright


After the Fall – A Voice From the Past

Like quantum theory, I knew that I, the particle, was being observed and recorded, but I had Deus ex machina on my side - no dice.

A Book of One’s Own

I free myself from my cashmere cape and drape it around my awkwardly high chair.  Perching from this vantage point, I face the rectangular table, nested among letterpress tools, jars of utensils, and shelves of carefully filed stamps. I am here without guarantee of return. Having submitted a waitlist request a few days ago, I … Continue reading A Book of One’s Own


"Bonana-appetit!" the young man expatiates as he turns to the window on his left. I look too, and indeed, there is a man facing the street, biting into his banana. I appreciate the pun and I pass the young man who said it. A few paces later, I hear him turn to his companion, and … Continue reading “Bonana-appetit!”

“Je suis…” A Note on Identity

This semester I took a leap and started a brand new language. Français. I already know how to exchange greetings, talk about going to class, and I know how to express the different genres of books and movies. Today I said in class, "Je suis chinoise et americaine." Why is this a big deal (for … Continue reading “Je suis…” A Note on Identity

Tea: More Than Just a Beverage

Of the 70% water that our bodies are supposedly made up of, a good portion of mine has been assimilated from tea, though it wasn't always that way. As a child and early teenager, I was always irked with hot water. It took too long to cool, and once it had reached an acceptable temperature, … Continue reading Tea: More Than Just a Beverage

A Week Among Midshipmen (USNA)

The summer before senior year I participated in the United States Naval Academy Summer Seminar. I had no idea what to expect, except for something very different from what I have known. I had never been anything military before; I had no connections, no experiences, no education, no expectation. Going past the point where no … Continue reading A Week Among Midshipmen (USNA)

How the Sun Family Does Movie Night

After dinner, Friday night, while dishes are still being put away, the Sun family kids often are inclined to gather around the television for a civilized pow-wow. On our 10moons movie-streaming box-device, we scroll through pages and pages of movies with a slight worry that a decent picture will never be found and that we … Continue reading How the Sun Family Does Movie Night

What It’s Like Being A Hipster (sometimes)

If I say that I'm a hipster, that means I'm not a hipster, right? Okay, so I'm not really a hipster, but sometimes I can point to a cultural phenomenon and say, I was into that before it got cool. Without further ado, here's a list of the things in life I innocently enjoyed before … Continue reading What It’s Like Being A Hipster (sometimes)

Children Invent Things: Venice, Determinism, Bach

Before I knew that there was a country called Italy, before I knew the word philosophy, let alone Plato or Socrates, before I had touched classic literature or become addicted to the internet, I liked to daydream. I still do, of course, that's a pastime that will never completely leave me and is probably essential … Continue reading Children Invent Things: Venice, Determinism, Bach