Curiosity Killed Schrödinger’s Cat

June 1-2 It's just a number, right? 3 harmless digits and a decimal, which indicate the force that gravity exerts on my body. But I shouldn't have stepped onto that scale. Curiosity killed the cat, and no satisfaction can bring it back. After the chamber opens, Schrödinger's cat isn't coming back to life. While waiting … Continue reading Curiosity Killed Schrödinger’s Cat



God broke through Monday night. This wasn't a dream. The reality was, that God met us in Ja's room that night. 'Code' names: Mc, Ja, Se, So, Mu Previously, I was in recovery for an eating disorder. Less than a week ago, I was under attack again. Starve! it commanded me, and the urge became … Continue reading Fresh.

Testimony: Amazing Grace

When I entered college, I operated under two assumptions: firstly, that I was neurotypical*; and secondly, that I would become a pre-medical biochemistry major, as soon as I got the chance to declare. My first and second year, respectively, broke apart these foundations of how I understood myself as a person and student, but gave … Continue reading Testimony: Amazing Grace

Wintersession 2018: Float On Alright

Earlier this January, I was meant to go on a service trip to Nicaragua. I flew to Boston a few days early to get settled, rest a little, and pack. The day before departure, I learned that my flight was cancelled. Bummer, but no big deal. I knew about the blizzard that was about to … Continue reading Wintersession 2018: Float On Alright

A Book of One’s Own

I free myself from my cashmere cape and drape it around my awkwardly high chair.  Perching from this vantage point, I face the rectangular table, nested among letterpress tools, jars of utensils, and shelves of carefully filed stamps. I am here without guarantee of return. Having submitted a waitlist request a few days ago, I … Continue reading A Book of One’s Own

“Je suis…” A Note on Identity

This semester I took a leap and started a brand new language. Français. I already know how to exchange greetings, talk about going to class, and I know how to express the different genres of books and movies. Today I said in class, "Je suis chinoise et americaine." Why is this a big deal (for … Continue reading “Je suis…” A Note on Identity