Gloria’s Top Picks

Going Green: A Journey to Zero Waste Minimalism

Ha Ha, Of Course I’m A Feminist!

On Near-Drowning

Credo Music: As Iron Sharpens Iron

The Gospel, Told By A Cat Called Jet

Depicting a Process: “The Maker, The Making, The Made”

Drawing the Burden

BAPTIZO! (Testimony)

Queerly Surrendered

21 Things I Did Before Realizing I Was Queer (Celebrating 21)

90 Seconds of Truth — Unchanged

On the Biological Binary

COMING OUT: “God, Could You Be This Good?”

Light Living

Making Art: But Is It Waste?

Knock Knock

Going Green: A Journey to Zero Waste Minimalism

Joining the Club (Starting with a Phone Case)

WHY Declutter? — Treasures in Heaven

I’m Becoming a Minimalist!

Musings & Reflections


Growing Pains: Fire In My Bones

Barefoot Kid

בְּרָכָה (Berakhah)

An Interlude




Turning Twenty


Hardly Human

Prison Break

Drawing the Burden

Deeper: Colors of Satisfaction

Deeper: Excavating Brokenness

Deeper: Desiring Freedom

Chosen the Despised

Measure Your Life

The Imposter Artist

Disease, Dis-ease

Stepping Out of the Sun

On Near-Drowning

Cease Fire!

The Grace of Surrender: Recovering from ED

In Search of Lost Time

Wintersession 2018: Float On Alright

Reposted on Mental Health First Aid USA: “Live, Live: Small Reasons to Survive in 2018”


Joy To This Weary World – (Christmas Post)

Hunger Strike

Burning Clean, Emptier and Cry

Outshined, Again

Put a bit of fixin’ on it!

Have A Day.

Sleepless eyes, close the light.

I know, it’s been comin’.

MIMI: “I’m nineteen, but I’m old for my age…”

My State as a “Writer”

The Virtuous Wife: Her Children Rise Up

First Semester College: An Honest Assessment

Realignment: What’s My Why? a Mission Statement

Why I’m Ditching the Resolutions This Year


Counting My Blessings: One Month into Wellesley College

Thoughts on Turning 18

One Day More: A Brief Reflection on the Past Year

Repeat after me: “I am more than a number.”

You Don’t Have to Get It All Figured Out to Move Forward

God Made Saul Blind for Three Days

The Inexhaustible Variety of Life

The Paradox of Time and Experience

Time for Brain Myelination (Or, Why Learn)

Congratulations, Graduating Class of 2016

Difficulty of Communication – Words, Words

The Importance of Culture

Happiness vs. Satisfaction

睿 – On ‘Wisdom’

Exam Week(s): The Best Way Out is Through

Always Too Early for a Stagnant Retirement

Humans Cry: The Strength in Vulnerability

Blogging: One Week Later

Where’s All the Good Stuff At?

Human Capacity

Instinctive Thought

Musings: On Senioritis

Guest Posts

Guest Post: “A Letter To My Eight-Year-Old Self,” by We Wander Through

Guest Post: “A Note For My Eight-Year-Old Self,” by Sun Requiem

Noteworthy Incidents


Knock Knock

Come Out! A Story of Deliverance

Our Daily Bread (#NEDAwareness)


Tumbling Along

BAPTIZO! (Testimony)

Dreams of July

Kisses of an Enemy

Summer Rain

Taglines, Sketchbooks, and Records

The Gospel, Told By A Cat Called Jet

Chalky Yellow Streams

As Iron Sharpens Iron

Curiosity Killed Schrödinger’s Cat


Testimony: Amazing Grace

Super Blue Blood Moon


After the Fall – A Voice From the Past

A Book of One’s Own



“Je suis…” A Note on Identity

Tea: More Than Just a Beverage

A Week Among Midshipmen (USNA)

How the Sun Family Does Movie Night

What It’s Like Being A Hipster (sometimes)

Children Invent Things: Venice, Determinism, Bach

Embrace the OCD

The Sacrifice of Silkworms

My Journey to Ambidexterity

The Pixie: April 11, 2016

Testimony: Thursday, March 24, 2016

“A Momentous Occasion” – Or, when Gloria ordered coffee for the first time, and the madness that ensued

Learn Something!


Intro to Nuclear Chemistry

Intro to Quantum Mechanics

A look at “many-electron atoms”

Chemical Bonds, Especially Covalent Ones

Transition Metals Crash Course

An Initiation to Chemical Kinetics


Spontaneity, Entropy, & Free Energy

Chemical Equilibrium


Acids & Bases (Basic Principles Of)


Strong Inverse Correlation Between Ecological Knowledge and Income Levels

Crash Course: Field Methods for Sampling Natural Habitats

Why Rainforests are Important, & How/Why We Measure Them

The Four Strategies for Conservation

The Plastic Trait: Hermaphroditism Under the Sea

Adaptation & Evolution: The Basics, Plus Some

The Classification and Taxonomy of Life (+Amphibians & Reptiles)

An Introduction to Neotropical Birds

An Introduction to the Tropical Marine Environment

Science & The Bible

Science & The Bible: NOMA vs. The New Atheism

Science & The Bible: Transhumanists, Bioconservatives, and the Role of the Bible

Science & The Bible: The Galileo Controversy (S+R in Conflict)

Science & The Bible: The Bible and The Enlightenment

Science & The Bible: Natural Theology

Science & The Bible: Evolution by Natural Selection

Science & The Bible: Evolution and the Problem of Evil

Science & The Bible: Social Darwinism

Science & The Bible: Final Thoughts

Book Zone

Archetypes, Female Masculinity, and Male Homosocial Desire in Tolkien’s Middle Earth

The Lord of the Rings: Another Fangirl Essay

Senior Year Reading List

Passive female figures in Chekhov’s “The Darling”, “Anyuta”, and “A Gentleman Friend”

Fangirl Apologetics (♂♀) – Open Letter

Some Universal Laws, According to Homer’s “Odyssey”

Paulo Coelho’s “The Alchemist”

Thank you, Professor Tolkien


En français: Les ponts de Paris, selon Gautier, Roubaud, et Apollinaire

Misconceptions: “The Road Not Taken” by Robert Frost

Pastiche: Federico García Lorca’s Lament for Ignacio Sanchez Mejias

Parody: All that is gold does not glitter…

Travel With Me

Christmas 2018 in Taos, New Mexico

Spring Break 2018: Café Adventures in Cambridge, MA

Spring Break 2017: London, Paris, and More

One Perfect Week in Italy: Milan, Verona, Venice, Siena, Florence, Rome

One Perfect Week in Greece: Athens, Santorini, Crete


String Theory

Dvořák String Quartet No.12 (American)

The Promise Inaugural Award Goes to Chris Cornell

Song Feature: “Dancing In The Dark” – Bruce Springsteen

Is Classical Music Dead?

What We Can Learn from Conducting (Music, not Electricity)

Tips for Practicing (Violin)

More Sun Requiem

Original Poetry



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