Re: the Requiem

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“I fear I am writing a requiem for myself.”

W.A. Mozart

One of the most common questions I get is why I chose to name my website, social media handles, and everything with me tagged in it these two words: “Sun Requiem“.

To answer that, I have to go back to ninth grade, where I led the soprano section, played in the orchestra, and performed the Faure Requiem in the Wangfujing Cathedral with the rest of the Dulwich College music department.

That was the first time I had ever heard of the word. I joked to my friend, when I die, I don’t want someone to write me a song, I want them to write me a requiem!

It’s no exaggeration that I’ve preoccupied myself with the question of my mortality and legacy for most of my life. A requiem is a mass written for the dead, an art form both structured and flexible enough to contain the composer’s personality.

As a child, I asked my mom what was the purpose of life. To glorify God, she said. The real question for me today is How?