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Hello, readers! My name is Gloria Sun and I’m so glad you’re here reading this. The purpose of this page is just to help you navigate my site and find the material that you crave.

If you just want to read anything and everything that I have on this site, go ahead and click on my Blog. This doesn’t filter things out by category so you will see a mix of everything that I have here. It might be a bit overwhelming, so I would recommend checking out some of the other options below.

If you are a bookworm who likes discussing and analyzing literary texts like myself, “Book Zone” and “Poetry”  are the places for you. As an amateur violinist, conductor, composer, and arranger who loves Pink Floyd and Rachmaninoff, I invite you to explore the realm of music with me in “Music“, and from one citizen of the world to another, “Travel With Me” as I explore the planet we call home.

For the visitor who wants to learn some facts not normally taught in school, feel free to visit “Learn Something!” and hopefully, do exactly that! At the moment, you can choose to filter these posts by category – I’m teaching courses on ecologythinking smartpsychology, and chemistry right now.

For my personal viewpoints on current events and issues, click on my newest column, “Sun’s Opinion“. For the more philosophical or intellectual reader (or perhaps if you just need some pep talk for today!) head over to my “Musings & Reflections“. Perhaps you want to see the world from my particular point of view. Head on over to “Noteworthy Incidents“, where you will get your dose of humor with a spoonful of wisdom.

Hopefully there is a little something for everyone here. Enjoy your visit on the Sun Requiem!
Carpe diem.