Photo by Christopher Burns You wouldn't ask a toddler to run a marathon. You wouldn't make her sprint 100m, even if it's a comparatively short distance for someone older, either. There's a reason why physical development happens in stages. Just because she knows how to move forward with some baby steps, doesn't mean she's ready to … Continue reading Reconstruction

Turning Twenty

[inhales] I remain, having completed another circuit around the sun. But what does it mean to enter another decade, this time around? And specifically, what does it mean to be myself -- a young woman, of Chinese descent, living in America, in 2018 -- and to exist in that context? I remember how I felt … Continue reading Turning Twenty

Guest Post: “A Note For My Eight-Year-Old Self,” by Sun Requiem

I am grateful to be featured on the blog of my dear friend and sister in Christ.

We Wander Through writes some great content — it’s always timely — so be sure to check the rest of her stuff out!

Don’t miss her guest post on Sun Requiem: A Letter To My Eight-Year-Old Self

We Wander Through

A guest post by Sun Requiem

Blog image (15) Photo by qi bin on Unsplash

A Note For My 8 Year Old Self

Oh, Gloria. You often wonder who you will be in a dozen years. (A lifetime and a half away.) Well, it’s me, and our twentieth birthday is just around the corner. You may not believe it, but I can, because I have watched the girl before me fight for each year in the life ahead of her.

I want you to know some things before you start growing up.

Although you may come last in every race you run and swim, you are far stronger than the world will ever let you know. Even though you shake and stutter when you speak, you are brave for even trying. That’s because ability doesn’t always reveal strength and courage: they are characteristics of your heart, just like curiosity and kindness. Likewise…

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Guest Post: “A Letter To My Eight-Year-Old Self,” by We Wander Through

Dear Eight-Year-Old Me, Come here, love. I want to hug you. I want to tell you some things about yourself that you don’t know yet. You see, I know the thoughts you keep to yourself. They are all the things you hate about yourself. The roundness of your face. The smallness of your eyes and … Continue reading Guest Post: “A Letter To My Eight-Year-Old Self,” by We Wander Through

How the Sun Family Does Movie Night

After dinner, Friday night, while dishes are still being put away, the Sun family kids often are inclined to gather around the television for a civilized pow-wow. On our 10moons movie-streaming box-device, we scroll through pages and pages of movies with a slight worry that a decent picture will never be found and that we … Continue reading How the Sun Family Does Movie Night

One Perfect Week in Italy: Milan, Verona, Venice, Siena, Florence, Rome

This is part 2 of my series on our summer vacation this year in Greece and Italy. Read the first post here: One Perfect Week in Greece: Athens, Santorini, Crete! And thanks for sticking with me all this time if you have. Pictures are uploading really really slowly so I will revisit this post and put the … Continue reading One Perfect Week in Italy: Milan, Verona, Venice, Siena, Florence, Rome