Tentative Beginnings

CW: ED symptoms Photo by Davide Foti Happy Daylight Savings, friends. This weekend was the first snow where I live. It’s a strange mood, and a tentative beginning to the season. I too, am undergoing change, having officially been discharged from partial hospitalization, ready to begin a period of intensive outpatient program. I'm thankful to … Continue reading Tentative Beginnings

Mount and Moon

Of course, when seasons of challenges are not so clearly demarcated, we still strive to make sense of potential patterns. Yet when I look back, this time of year is usually when I became overwhelmed by the seemingly impossible. ED is a bit different though. It's a mountain I love marking off as "finished," only you never step in the same river twice.

Beyond Multivariable: An Abridged Memoir

Having finished my undergraduate degree, I’ve been reflecting on what it means to sit with uncertainty. Perhaps the following words will fill a chapter of a memoir I will write someday. [CW: anxiety, panic, depression, ED, queerphobia] Photo by Greg Rakozy Believe me, I know what it’s like to be overwhelmed by a lack of understanding. … Continue reading Beyond Multivariable: An Abridged Memoir

Guest Post: “A Note For My Eight-Year-Old Self,” by Sun Requiem

I am grateful to be featured on the blog of my dear friend and sister in Christ.

We Wander Through writes some great content — it’s always timely — so be sure to check the rest of her stuff out!

Don’t miss her guest post on Sun Requiem: A Letter To My Eight-Year-Old Self

We Wander Through

A guest post by Sun Requiem

Blog image (15) Photo by qi bin on Unsplash

A Note For My 8 Year Old Self

Oh, Gloria. You often wonder who you will be in a dozen years. (A lifetime and a half away.) Well, it’s me, and our twentieth birthday is just around the corner. You may not believe it, but I can, because I have watched the girl before me fight for each year in the life ahead of her.

I want you to know some things before you start growing up.

Although you may come last in every race you run and swim, you are far stronger than the world will ever let you know. Even though you shake and stutter when you speak, you are brave for even trying. That’s because ability doesn’t always reveal strength and courage: they are characteristics of your heart, just like curiosity and kindness. Likewise…

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