Interstitial Integrity

Photo by Todd Trapani I fell in love with the concept of interstitiality / interstices when I was working on my final design at Harvard's GSD summer program last summer. I wanted to confound the inside / outside binary and to push the boundaries that define space. But is there such a thing as pushing … Continue reading Interstitial Integrity

Tentative Beginnings

CW: ED symptoms Photo by Davide Foti Happy Daylight Savings, friends. This weekend was the first snow where I live. It’s a strange mood, and a tentative beginning to the season. I too, am undergoing change, having officially been discharged from partial hospitalization, ready to begin a period of intensive outpatient program. I'm thankful to … Continue reading Tentative Beginnings

Our Daily Bread (#NEDAwareness)

CW: disordered eating, anorexia, relapse, recovery Photo by Mike Kenneally They say that relapse is part of recovery, but I thought my anorexia was a thing of the past. Overcome last year, for good. Until I realized, over the course of several days, that I had begun eating much less than normal. Skipping the first … Continue reading Our Daily Bread (#NEDAwareness)