15×90 — A Personal Map of Wellesley College

"15x90" by Gloria Sun, 2019 My name is Gloria Sun. I am a student of the Wellesley College Class of 2020, studying Architecture, and formerly Biochemistry. For my Spatial Investigations studio, our first assignment was to create a personal map of the campus. Inspired by instant film, social media, Google map street views, field sampling … Continue reading 15×90 — A Personal Map of Wellesley College

[Lookbook – 1] Architecture

I prefer visual formats of media over text. As a result, I tend to be quite active on Pinterest and Instagram. Sometimes, it can be difficult to express my visual interests over a platform such as WordPress, which emphasizes written content. In the past, I have done monthly photo diaries to integrate these channels, but I realized the difficulty to … Continue reading [Lookbook – 1] Architecture

Spring Break 2017: London, Paris, and More

In the latest jealousy-inducing episode of my life, I arranged myself a little solo trip to Western Europe, where I spent the all-too-brief week of my spring break in London, taking day trips to Windsor Castle, Stonehenge, and Bath (a 3-in-1), and Paris. The benefits of traveling alone are that if you love yourself, then … Continue reading Spring Break 2017: London, Paris, and More

March 2017: A Photo Diary

Hello dear friends! As some of you may know, I keep an Instagram to the side of my blog where I share my photography, matched with quotes. Recently, I’ve been looking for some ways to integrate my two channels, and so last month I created a composite “Photo Diary” of January 2017, followed by another "Photo Diary" … Continue reading March 2017: A Photo Diary

What It’s Like Being A Hipster (sometimes)

If I say that I'm a hipster, that means I'm not a hipster, right? Okay, so I'm not really a hipster, but sometimes I can point to a cultural phenomenon and say, I was into that before it got cool. Without further ado, here's a list of the things in life I innocently enjoyed before … Continue reading What It’s Like Being A Hipster (sometimes)