Photo by jesse orrico When people ask me whether I grew up in the church, my answer isn't so clear. Yes, and no. Because I've never been part of the in-group. The other kids would know each other, whereas I would be the one who would pop in for Sunday school or service for a stretch … Continue reading Al-Eizariya

Super Blue Blood Moon

Everything seems wrong this week. My mom is in the hospital, I'm only registered for two classes, and Jet's adoption seems as out of reach as ever. My days have been chaotic and tearful, and despite my best attempts at remaining positive, I feel a bit like Job, sitting among the ashes. I need to … Continue reading Super Blue Blood Moon

Wintersession 2018: Float On Alright

Earlier this January, I was meant to go on a service trip to Nicaragua. I flew to Boston a few days early to get settled, rest a little, and pack. The day before departure, I learned that my flight was cancelled. Bummer, but no big deal. I knew about the blizzard that was about to … Continue reading Wintersession 2018: Float On Alright

Joy To This Weary World – (Christmas Post)

Merry Christmas. Still jet lagged, I woke up before the rest of the house, and had a few hours of opportunity to eat all the snacks I wanted and cry without anyone being there to see. Girl, you gained some weight this week. Last weekend, I was dismayed by how weak I felt in the … Continue reading Joy To This Weary World – (Christmas Post)

Burning Clean, Emptier and Cry

It's dawned upon me that anorexia may be something I've never truly recovered from. Heck, I was never treated. Sometimes I question whether my illness was ever real, if no one noticed it at its worst. This past week, I can only recount two solid meals and two bowls of miso soup in my diet. … Continue reading Burning Clean, Emptier and Cry

Science & The Bible: The Bible and The Enlightenment

Hello and thanks for reading! My name is Gloria Sun and I am a student at Wellesley College. The seminar I'm taking this semester is called "Science and the Bible" and I am excited to be sharing my thoughts on this week's topic with you. As a Christian and an intended STEM major, these topics … Continue reading Science & The Bible: The Bible and The Enlightenment

Science & The Bible: Transhumanists, Bioconservatives, and the Role of the Bible

Hello there! If you've been following along with my previous post in this category, you would have read about NOMA and the argument against "new atheism". This week we will be discussing the role of technology in human progress - whether we can preserve the concept of dignity, and how the bible factors into the debate … Continue reading Science & The Bible: Transhumanists, Bioconservatives, and the Role of the Bible

God Made Saul Blind for Three Days

Saul went blind for three days. When he opened his eyes again, nothing looked the same to him, literally and spiritually. With today's technology, when a previously visually handicapped person is given the ability to see for the first time, for the first few moments, they are absolutely amazed. They find it difficult to stop looking at the spectacle that we take for granted.

Sometimes when I realize this, I wonder what it was really like for Saul when "something like scales fell from [his] eyes, and he could see again." I think that to him the colors would have seemed so vivid that he wouldn't have believed he never noticed them before.

Saul undergoes a dramatic change in this chapter of the Acts, going from a persecutor of the disciples to being filled with the Holy Spirit. Like in Shakespeare's "King Lear", literal blindness leads to spiritual insight.