Thoughts on Turning 18

Today is special because it is a celebration of growing up. It’s a day of thankfulness and gratitude, to my parents, to life, and to knowledge. Today I am publishing this because I have spent eighteen years in the universe that we call existence. Sometimes I look around and wonder, what sort of world is this that my parents … Continue reading Thoughts on Turning 18

Slam Poem: What Do I Know?

I know nothing, of me or the world. I know, and only know, that I know not a thing, not a whit How do I know that in this chair I now sit? Can I prove, am I real? We can guess, support, conclude But your green could be my red And my rock is, … Continue reading Slam Poem: What Do I Know?

Fangirl Apologetics (♂♀) – Open Letter

Dear All, The term "fangirl" gets a bad rap because it conjures up images of cooing hordes of women too old for their obsession. Teenagers hanging up posters of Justin Bieber and One Direction in their bedrooms. Wannabes writing less-than-stellar fan fictions. Immaturity. Hysterics. Dreaminess and idealism. As with all stereotypes, there is some truth in that. But like the others, there can be so much more. If you know me, you will know that I am a huge nerd about many things. From Harry Potter, Star Wars, and DC/Marvel superheroes, to string quartets, Shakespeare, Johnny Depp, and musical theatre, I've had many "phases", but I never look upon them as that way, not even in retrospect. So in short, here's my statement defending the legitimacy of all the fandoms that I belong in.

God Made Saul Blind for Three Days

Saul went blind for three days. When he opened his eyes again, nothing looked the same to him, literally and spiritually. With today's technology, when a previously visually handicapped person is given the ability to see for the first time, for the first few moments, they are absolutely amazed. They find it difficult to stop looking at the spectacle that we take for granted. Sometimes when I realize this, I wonder what it was really like for Saul when "something like scales fell from [his] eyes, and he could see again." I think that to him the colors would have seemed so vivid that he wouldn't have believed he never noticed them before. Saul undergoes a dramatic change in this chapter of the Acts, going from a persecutor of the disciples to being filled with the Holy Spirit. Like in Shakespeare's "King Lear", literal blindness leads to spiritual insight.

The Four Strategies for Conservation

Ever wonder what the action of conserving actually entails? Here are the four main methods people do to conserve our environment. They are all pretty straightforward, but I think it's important to know the distinctions so that we can all be better educated citizens of the world. Preservation This means to keep part of the environment without change through national parks, fences, and other forms of protection.

The Inexhaustible Variety of Life

“I was within and without, simultaneously enchanted and repelled by the inexhaustible variety of life.” ― F. Scott Fitzgerald, The Great Gatsby As an INFJ, I have a difficult time staying in the present. My inferior function is Se, or extroverted Sensing, so sometimes I find myself detached from the moment and the finer details of my surroundings elude me. In instances like today, where four years' worth of students gather in a large room, that tends to happen. As humans, we tend to separate ourselves from the masses. (Teens enjoy saying: Nobody understands me! Adults admit to feeling lonely even among other people.) But we're actually more similar than we'd like to care to admit. At the same time, when we realize we're not so different, our distinctions tend to emerge. When this happens, every life, every face, seems, to me at least, to become much more precious. When I zone out, like Nick Carraway, I appreciate humanity more. Wait a minute - is that like saying, you enjoy the concert more when you shove earplugs into your ears? Not exactly. I think it's more like putting on a pair of glasses and seeing the world in a new tint. Sounds absurd to you? Never mind, that's just my thought of the day. ~Gloria

Always Too Early for a Stagnant Retirement

It's heartbreaking when someone has given up on life. To me, it is the equivalent of being dead before you have stopped living. As part of a family who is contemplating a move to the United States, there are certain items of discussion on the table. One of them is getting a citizenship for my … Continue reading Always Too Early for a Stagnant Retirement