Stepping Out of the Sun

I've written about depression, about suicidality, about self-harm, about generalized anxiety, about panic disorders, about eating disorders, about insomnia, and about OCD, among other tidbits of my life. It can be a lot. Each one of these topics is a rabbit hole that even I don't know how to navigate, if I get down too … Continue reading Stepping Out of the Sun


[Lookbook – 1] Architecture

I prefer visual formats of media over text. As a result, I tend to be quite active on Pinterest and Instagram. Sometimes, it can be difficult to express my visual interests over a platform such as WordPress, which emphasizes written content. In the past, I have done monthly photo diaries to integrate these channels, but I realized the difficulty to … Continue reading [Lookbook – 1] Architecture

Testimony: Amazing Grace

When I entered college, I operated under two assumptions: firstly, that I was neurotypical*; and secondly, that I would become a pre-medical biochemistry major, as soon as I got the chance to declare. My first and second year, respectively, broke apart these foundations of how I understood myself as a person and student, but gave … Continue reading Testimony: Amazing Grace

Spring Break 2018: Café Adventures in Cambridge, MA

One year ago, I ventured off to a different continent and spent the entirety of my spring break exploring London, Paris, and More. What a blessing that was! I look back at those pictures and am dazzled by how much ground my two feet had covered. Little by little, one travels far. While I would gladly … Continue reading Spring Break 2018: Café Adventures in Cambridge, MA

Let’s Get Real. #NEDAwareness

Let's Get Real. What I am about to write has been, and continues to be, a source of pain and struggle in my life. However, it is my struggle: one in which I take ownership and self-agency. It's National Eating Disorder Awareness Week (#NEDAwareness). I am joining in the conversation by sharing my story. My name … Continue reading Let’s Get Real. #NEDAwareness