Deeper: Desiring Freedom

The first thing I remember about Kindergarten is roll call. Especially during the first few days of school. Every morning, the bus driver would pick me up on my block on Applewood Lane, where all I had to do was stand at the end of my own driveway, and wait for the big yellow bus … Continue reading Deeper: Desiring Freedom

Taglines, Sketchbooks, and Records

A couple of observations, this second weekend of June. On Thursday, I changed my tagline. Big deal, right? "Nothing to offer except my own confusion," to "pleni sunt cæli et terra gloria tua." I felt that the former no longer represented my worth or sense of self. The latter however, is a phrase taken directly … Continue reading Taglines, Sketchbooks, and Records

Archetypes, Female Masculinity, and Male Homosocial Desire in Tolkien’s Middle Earth

Last year on this date, I published a piece called "The Lord of the Rings: Another Fangirl Essay," and some of the first posts on this blog were also about, or related to, Tolkien's works. His imagination acted as a starting point for my writing. (See: Thank you, Professor Tolkien; Parody: All that is gold … Continue reading Archetypes, Female Masculinity, and Male Homosocial Desire in Tolkien’s Middle Earth

The Gospel, Told By A Cat Called Jet

You all know the cat, now here's the tale. (or tail!) Enjoy the trilogy. Disclaimer: This is not, and isn't meant to be, allegory. Many parts of my Emotional Support Cat story reflect themes of the gospel, however it is not the complete message of the gospel, nor does the actual gospel ever mention a … Continue reading The Gospel, Told By A Cat Called Jet

Credo Music: As Iron Sharpens Iron

"As iron sharpens iron, So a man sharpens the countenance of his friend." Proverbs 27:17 NKJV In a few posts back (Stepping Out of the Sun), I wrote about how being socially isolated in high school allowed me to focus on growing as an individual. I did what I could, with what I had, where … Continue reading Credo Music: As Iron Sharpens Iron

Curiosity Killed Schrödinger’s Cat

June 1-2 It's just a number, right? 3 harmless digits and a decimal, which indicate the force that gravity exerts on my body. But I shouldn't have stepped onto that scale. Curiosity killed the cat, and no satisfaction can bring it back. After the chamber opens, Schrödinger's cat isn't coming back to life. While waiting … Continue reading Curiosity Killed Schrödinger’s Cat