Now a Member of AMWA – and why it matters

Just a quick update: Today I paid $25.00 to gain membership into the American Medical Women’s Association (AMWA), which will last me all my undergraduate years as a pre-medical undergraduate student. They are self-described as "The Vision and Voice of Women in Medicine Since 1915", and have several committees focused on the issues of female physicians … Continue reading Now a Member of AMWA – and why it matters


Courage, ‘Merrica

Has it really been less than 24 hours? When Siddhartha tunes in to himself and his surroundings, he hears the word om, expressed in a multitude of depths and forms. Wisdom. Connection. Peace. For me (and those of us here at Wellesley College - Clinton's alma mater, fyi), that word was a resounding crap, in all … Continue reading Courage, ‘Merrica