“In Performance” — A Spoken Word

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qAHQK0T7TAk&fbclid=IwAR39p_acW6XN6uhcbBmnc-j7EMdnKwMQg7K3aNtxda9IspjddLIm3FbwpYE Written and performed by Gloria Sun, Michelle Chin, and Joanna Linn. For: an audience of One. Presented at annual Symphony Coffeehouse program at Lion of Judah on April 6, 2019. Photo by Oscar Keys Happy Easter! He is Risen indeed.

Poem: So This Is Hunger

so, this must be hunger because after a length of time it became a giddy default after the pain of a clenching stomach migrated to a light-headed mind to mistake emptiness and famine for light and nirvana when it was really just flesh eating flesh. so, this must be hunger because naming a thing gave … Continue reading Poem: So This Is Hunger

Original Poem: My Revelation

Here's one I had written from experience nearly three years ago now. I unearthed this recently and was reminded of how the younger version of myself experienced God, "surprised by joy", as C.S. Lewis would have put it. Oh! How I soared From that sudden energetic burst The earth was far below And I had … Continue reading Original Poem: My Revelation

Original Poem: Automobile

I. Nausea. You can’t take it Anymore. It starts again and Stops. Just as suddenly Lurching spinal cord forward And back again. Your cosmos Is disorientated. Stars and planets Stopping. And thrown back into motion. Right in the backseat of the car. You currently are living. You currently are in the car. So You currently … Continue reading Original Poem: Automobile