Original Poem: Sleep is a Place

Sleep is a place And in it a world as real As reality The journey to Sleep Is a short one Simply crossing a doorway With a single step Insomnia Is the inability to open This portal to sleep Weariness Rushes and invites You in Coming back through Is abrupt or reluctant A noise concerns … Continue reading Original Poem: Sleep is a Place


Original Poem: Oasis

A desert, barren, devoid of meaning, Stretching on for eternity, Scorching sun sucking souls Of what they were meant to be. No shade, without relief Phantom winds roam the scene Dried air like shriveled minds Of which some refreshment they are keen. For in darkness there is hope A treasure hides in dumps Or like … Continue reading Original Poem: Oasis

Slam Poem: What Do I Know?

I know nothing, of me or the world. I know, and only know, that I know not a thing, not a whit How do I know that in this chair I now sit? Can I prove, am I real? We can guess, support, conclude But your green could be my red And my rock is, … Continue reading Slam Poem: What Do I Know?

Original Poem: My Revelation

Here's one I had written from experience nearly three years ago now. I unearthed this recently and was reminded of how the younger version of myself experienced God, "surprised by joy", as C.S. Lewis would have put it. Oh! How I soared From that sudden energetic burst The earth was far below And I had … Continue reading Original Poem: My Revelation

Original Poem: Automobile

I. Nausea. You can’t take it Anymore. It starts again and Stops. Just as suddenly Lurching spinal cord forward And back again. Your cosmos Is disorientated. Stars and planets Stopping. And thrown back into motion. Right in the backseat of the car. You currently are living. You currently are in the car. So You currently … Continue reading Original Poem: Automobile

Slam Poem: Eight Hours of Traveling

Arise, and shine! You potential energies - And give to the world what you can give. As every particle has as much right to exist as the next But you, surely you can become more than a cluster of atoms: We are more than mountains, We are life!

Slam Poem: The World’s Pretty Crazy After All

Who’s tiny? Asks the universe Not me! Says infinite

Slam Poem: An Ode to the Chlorine Water (performed 2/27/16)

At our final team party, these were the words I spoke.