Dvořák String Quartet No.12 (American)

This semester, my quartet has been working on the first two movements of the "American" Quartet. It's been an exciting and rewarding journey, and we gave our final performance on December 6th. Here's a YouTube upload of our concert. Enjoy! https://youtu.be/-usF7qjA-sk Fall 2017 performance at Wellesley College II. Lento I. Allegro ma non troppo Gloria … Continue reading Dvořák String Quartet No.12 (American)

The Promise Inaugural Award Goes to Chris Cornell

Five days ago, Chris Cornell was posthumously awarded the inaugural 'The Promise' award by the Los Angeles Committee of Human Rights Watch. The Promise award recognizes "an outstanding song, television show, or film that advances the values of equity and justice in an original and powerful way." Chris Cornell was recognized for his song, "The … Continue reading The Promise Inaugural Award Goes to Chris Cornell

Song Feature: “Dancing In The Dark” – Bruce Springsteen

Although in this analysis here I focus mostly on the words (which have a lot to say despite being accessible), let it be known that I admire his outfit, dance, and overall energy. Check out that fancy ankle work, foot tapping, and crowd engagement. Who else could pull off those rolled up short sleeves over tight black jeans? There's nothing fake about this man.

Is Classical Music Dead?

Scroll through the average teenager’s playlist and you find Taylor Swift, Bruno Mars, Rihanna, Ed Sheeran, and the like. But there is usually a stark absence of, well, dead white males. While Bach’s Toccata in Fugue is immediately associated with Dracula in pop culture, and everyone recognizes the opening four-note motif from Beethoven’s fifth, the … Continue reading Is Classical Music Dead?

What We Can Learn from Conducting (Music, not Electricity)

Believe it or not, conductors do not get up on that podium and wave their arms around until the music stops. (Just kidding. I'm sure you know that.) Well, I am no stranger to the art of conducting, though I am only relatively beginning my expertise in this area of knowledge. One of my favorite … Continue reading What We Can Learn from Conducting (Music, not Electricity)