On the Biological Binary

Photo by Joël de Vriend As some of you may know, I began college in the STEM field. Before God called me to study arts and architecture, I was a biochemistry major for two years. Even before realizing I was non-binary, I have always been fascinated by sexual dimorphism and variations upon it in a … Continue reading On the Biological Binary

15×90 — A Personal Map of Wellesley College

"15x90" by Gloria Sun, 2019 My name is Gloria Sun. I am a student of the Wellesley College Class of 2020, studying Architecture, and formerly Biochemistry. For my Spatial Investigations studio, our first assignment was to create a personal map of the campus. Inspired by instant film, social media, Google map street views, field sampling … Continue reading 15×90 — A Personal Map of Wellesley College

Testimony: Amazing Grace

When I entered college, I operated under two assumptions: firstly, that I was neurotypical*; and secondly, that I would become a pre-medical biochemistry major, as soon as I got the chance to declare. My first and second year, respectively, broke apart these foundations of how I understood myself as a person and student, but gave … Continue reading Testimony: Amazing Grace

Now a Member of AMWA – and why it matters

Just a quick update: Today I paid $25.00 to gain membership into the American Medical Women’s Association (AMWA), which will last me all my undergraduate years as a pre-medical undergraduate student. They are self-described as "The Vision and Voice of Women in Medicine Since 1915", and have several committees focused on the issues of female physicians … Continue reading Now a Member of AMWA – and why it matters

Science & The Bible: Final Thoughts

TBH, these thoughts will never be final. To what factors do you attribute the historical antipathy between biblical authority and scientific inquiry? In your opinion, does such an antipathy persist today? Or can these systems be reconciled with one another? Should scientists take into account the scruples of religious believers in the course of their … Continue reading Science & The Bible: Final Thoughts

Acids & Bases (Basic Principles Of)

Hello hello! We're coming into the last stretch of the semester, with finals week starting this very Friday for us (yoohoo, hi Wellesley students!) So, that leaves me with one more unit of chemistry that I want to cover, which is.... acids and bases! Go ahead and check out last time's crash course on Electrochemistry if you … Continue reading Acids & Bases (Basic Principles Of)


Thrilled you're here. If you haven't already, I would recommend checking out some of my previous crash courses on Chemistry, such as Chemical Equilibrium from last week. Electrochemistry is the study of redox reactions in the production of (1) electrical currents from spontaneous chemical reactions, and (2) non-spontaneous chemical changes by the use of electrical currents. There … Continue reading Electrochemistry

Chemical Equilibrium

Thanks for joining me again for the newest installment of my crash course series on Chemistry! In case you missed it, last time I wrote on Spontaneity, Entropy, & Free Energy, and today's lesson will be on chemical equilibrium! From last time, we know that If we take the antilogarithm, we get From this equation we … Continue reading Chemical Equilibrium

Science & The Bible: Evolution and the Problem of Evil

Hello and thanks so much for joining me today as we talk about essentially the crux of the science and religion debate. If the God of Creation is omnipotent, omniscient, and omnibenevolent, then why is there evil in the world?This week we will be reading Ayala's Darwin's Gift to Science and Religion, Job 3-14; 32-42.6 (RSV), and Ferngren’s Science … Continue reading Science & The Bible: Evolution and the Problem of Evil