I’m Becoming a Minimalist!

Photo by Jackson Douglas

Living well.

What does that mean to you? Does it fit a particular aesthetic, income level, or location?

Does a good life involve a change in mindset? If so, is it hard to do?

Just like every other consumer in America, I’ve bought into the promise that better life is just a few card swipes away — after the upgrade of a device, wardrobe, or home. That happiness awaits when we earn that perfect GPA, land our dream job, or build the ideal body.

It’s a futile pursuit. Vanity of vanities; all is vanity.

We’re always eating, but famished. Always drinking, but never satisfied. Like thirsting after seawater.

We aren’t told that what we have and who we are is enough, because companies can’t make a profit off that.

Indeed, there is a movement that counters consumerist culture. It’s called minimalism.

What if we could liberate ourselves of what we don’t need, so we can focus on what matters?

Seeking Him. Relationships. Passions. Life itself.

I’ve become so fascinated by this idea of minimalism lately, I’ve let it begin to transform all aspects of my life.

But I suppose my whole life has been a process of becoming. This is just the latest evolution.

For a while now, I’ve been shedding layers. Things that aren’t from God, nor true to myself. Lies about my body; deceptions of my worth.

Things I don’t need.

On the surface, minimalism may seem like a trend, a style, or a material change in terms of how many things we hold in our possession.

I don’t like forcing a label on a way of thinking, either — but it turns out, the label fits what I’m trying to achieve.

And for years now, it’s what I’ve been getting at. Minimalism isn’t a 2019 resolution; it’s the natural arrival-process of my journey thus far.

I’m excited about the changes that are to come.

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Stay tuned for thoughts on Slow Living, Zero Waste Lifestyle, the Tiny House Movement, and more!

With love always,

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