Paulo Coelho’s “The Alchemist”

There’s nothing like discovering an amazing book after a long week of exams (especially after physics, ugh!)

“The Alchemist” is similar to “The Little Prince” and “Candide” – all are very simple stories integrated with profound life lessons.


The story follows a boy as he realizes his Personal Legend and learns the Language of the World. He listens to his heart for the answers, learns to live in the moment, and becomes courageous by not being afraid to listen to his dreams, unlike others he meets on his way. The boy takes heed of omens and realizes that everything is interconnected, and that deep down, everyone really does know these simple truths, except that people don’t want to accept the power of love and because men reject simple things. Love is what improves the Soul of the World and makes us strive to be better, and love simply is, it doesn’t need a reason. He lives in such a way that he could die any day without feeling regret.


Quotations from Paulo Coelho’s “The Alchemist”.

It sounds cliche, I know, but “The Alchemist” is the best thing I’ve read these past few months. The way Coelho writes is so simple, but I cried because the truths he explored of being human resonated so deeply with me. Of course, we live in the days of chemistry (and chemistry exams!), not alchemy. But the way he uses everything in the story as a metaphor makes the way we’re meant to live so clear – I mean, not in the way where we know whether we want to pursue a certain profession – but in the way that it awakens your need to have a calling. Lessons truly are learned best through parables.

Mild spoiler: In the end, the boy returns home and discovers his treasure there. But that wasn’t the sole purpose of his journey across the desert and back, because he learned so many things along the way, and found the love of his life. Throughout the journey, he gets sidetracked, stolen from, beaten, and stranded, but every time he is brought closer to the lessons that the universe “conspires” to teach him.

Read this book! (And follow the author on Twitter @paulocoelho)


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